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Welcome to St. Peter's one-stop download center! 

You'll find links here to our written sermons, radio broadcasts, newsletters, and more.  Just choose the appropriate link below and enjoy.

Worship & Sermon Downloads

Each week, our pastors explain a part of God's Word in a 15-20 minute sermon. While sermons are meant to be heard and not read, we make written copies available for those who want them. Just click on the link below to find the selection of sermons.
            Click Here for written sermons!


St. Peter records the Thursday evening church service and edits it into a half hour program for broadcast on WXCO 1230AM.  The program usually consists of the sermon and selected hymns and prayers.

The service is broadcast every Sunday at 8:30am and can be downloaded or streamed right here at our website using any standard audio player able to play mp3 files.  Follow the link below for the podcast version of our radio broadcast.

             Click Here for the audio podcast sermon!


Weekly Update

Each week, we send out a weekly email update to let everyone know what's going on at St. Peter. For a quick look at what's coming up, click on the link below.  If you'd like to add your email address to the mailing list, click to let us know! For a quick look at what's going on at St. Peter this week, follow this link to see our weekly update. 

               Click Here for the weekly update!

Newsletters & Update Archives

Maybe you're looking for longer-term news and updates on what's going on at St. Peter. We have two great options to help keep you informed. You can find St. Peter's Monthly Newsletters and Quarterly Reports at the links below.

         Click Here for the Monthly Newsletters!



  Click Here for the Quarterly Updates to the Congregation