Worship Guide - Style
Worship Guide - Worship Style
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Every church has its own style of worship. We hope you'll enjoy the services at St. Peter Lutheran Church, but as in any church you should expect it to take a couple of Sundays to become accustomed to our way of praising God together.

Our services focus on readings from the Bible where we hear God talk to us.  Music and singing are an important part of our services too.  Loud or soft, in monotone or rich harmony, all our praises are music to God as we respond to hearing His Word.  You might even remember a favorite hymn or song to ask our pastor to use in an upcoming service.

Depending on the Sunday of the month, we follow different orders of service, which are printed in the front of our hymnal (or songbook). A general order of service consists of the following parts:
  • The Invocation - We call on the name of our Savior God as we praise him.
  • Admitting sins and finding forgiveness - We acknowledge that we have not always done what God asks.  Then we are assured of forgiveness because of what Jesus Christ has done for us.
  • Bible Readings - We hear selections from God's Old Testament prophets, Jesus' apostles, and from Jesus himself in the Gospels. The pastor also gives a brief explanation of each reading.
  • Sermon - Our pastor offers instruction and encouragement in a Bible-based sermon.  We hear how we can expect God's guidance and grace for dealing with problems, as well as the promise of eternal life in heaven through Jesus.
  • Response to the Word - We respond with offerings and prayers for the things God has promised to us and for strength to do what he has asked.
  • Parting blessing - We hear one last assurance of God's care.
A service card is also printed to assist our worshippers through the service. If you have difficulty following along, please don't hesitate to ask a fellow worshipper to help you.