Monday PM - Bible Information Class

 Leader: Pastor Mahnke
Key to Life, Weston
3915 Sandy Lane
Weston Wisconsin 54476
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Meeting Day(s): Monday
Meeting Time: 7:00 PM
Are you interested in learning more about the Bible?  Have you ever wondered about life and death, heaven and hell, who God really is, why you are here, or whether you’ve lived a good enough life to get into heaven one day?  Do you desire a closer walk with God and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?  Do you wish to become a member of St. Peter, but first want to know what we believe and teach? 

If your answer is “yes” to any of those questions, we have just the class for you! 

We invite you to attend the next Bible Information Class.  This class will introduce you to the Bible’s most basic and fundamental teachings, where you will find solid answers for many of the questions you’ve wondered about for a long time.  In addition, this class will fulfill your desire for a closer walk with God by creating and / or strengthening a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  And this class will give us the opportunity to show you firsthand what is believed and taught here at St. Peter Lutheran Church.  

New Bible Information Classes are always just around the corner. Speak with one of the pastors to find out more about when the next session is set to begin. Come and grow with us!


As we walk down the road called “life”, we often face big questions that we wish we had the answers to. 

Life’s Big Questions is intended to help you get the answers you are looking for from a most reliable source (the Bible), while drawing you into a closer relationship with God through his Son, Jesus Christ. 

Life’s Big Questions is a free, 10 lesson Bible Information Class.  These are the questions that you will find answers to:
•    How did I get here?
•    What’s wrong with the world and how do we fix it?
•    How do I get ready to die?
•    What happens when I die?
•    Can I get a fresh start in life?
•    Will God really forgive my sins?
•    What does God expect from me?
•    What am I here for?
•    Is anybody listening?
•    How can I get ahead in life?


Question:  Will Life’s Big Questions cost me anything?
Answer:  Not one penny.  We’ll provide the materials and, quite likely, refreshments, too!

Q:  Will I be the only one in the class?
A:  Most likely you won’t be, although we will gladly teach the class if you are the only person there.  Some members of our church might come to review the Christian faith.  Others in the class will be people, just like you, who are searching for answers to life’s questions. 

Q:  Can I become a member of your church after completing Life’s Big Questions?
A:  Sure!  We want to grow as a church.  Membership involves wonderful privileges that we are eager for you to enjoy with us!  When the classes are over, our pastor will discuss church membership with you. 

Q:  Can I come to church for worship while I take the class?
A:  We strongly encourage this!  Worship and Bible learning go hand in hand.  However, don’t worry about giving an offering at this time.  Our members give free-will, generous offerings to support our ministry.  Also, you may wonder about taking Holy Communion at our altar.  We first want you to complete Life’s Big Questions.  We actually prefer that you refrain from communing for a little while until such time that you indicate that you agree with what we teach. After we establish unity in the faith through Bible study and discussion, we look forward to expressing it with you by taking communion together.

Q:  Where will Life’s Big Questions be taught?
A:  In the Fireside Room inside our St. Peter Office Complex.  It’s easy to find, right next to our church (east side of the church building).  Plus, we’ll be watching for you! 

Q:  What about my children? What should I do with them when I attend the class?
A:  We will provide child-care for free.  All we ask is that you let a pastor know ahead of time so we can make the necessary arrangements.